With Thanks

Friday 15 May 2020


To date we have (end of week 8, 15 May):

Welfare Checks

  • Over 7,000 people have been identified as now needing to register and we have contacted them all

  • 2524 people have been successfully contacted and provided food, prescriptions and advice where required

  • Through HIVE and PCC Covid Emergency lines nearly 4500 contacts have been received

This week (ending 15 May):


  • 1,344 wellbeing checks have been made across all partners (Advice Portsmouth, You Trust, PCC, Portsmouth Carers Centre, Portsmouth Salvation Army, Age UK) 

  • 2,349 food parcels have been delivered to extremely vulnerable individuals (this includes 1,409 Government food parcels and 1,040 meals that have been donated) taking the total food parcel delivery to 10,081 and hot meals to 1,770

  • 196 food parcels have been delivered by Pompey in the Community in the last week. They have used a team of 20 volunteers.

  • 137 food parcels have been delivered by Portsmouth Salvation Army in the last week who have used 4 volunteers.

  • 63 food parcels have been delivered by Age UK Portsmouth in the last week who have used 4 volunteers.


  • 407 urgent prescriptions have been delivered this week (a 30% increase on last week) taking the total to 1,605


1,200 individuals have volunteered since the start of the pandemic.

  • 555 of these volunteers are ready and waiting to be deployed with 322 volunteers having been deployed within the last week to support food deliveries, leaflet distribution (a total of 18,570) and neighbour support work and fully supporting Ibis homeless food deliveries 3 times a day, 7 days a week.
  • 34 have been at home, making cards/pictures for residents in Care homes, 35 have responded to care home support enquiries, 138 are ready to assist with dog walking enquiries and 36 garden volunteers are ready to help



An amazing £15,432 has generously been donated through the HIVE Covid19 Response Just Giving page (as at 14 May 2020).


From food parcels and hot meals, mobile phones and welcoming welfare calls, PPE and prescription deliveries, activity packs and even Easter Eggs – local people, businesses and organisations have donated, helped deliver, provided equipment and resources for it all and we would like to say a HUGE Thank You to all who have been going the extra mile to help in Portsmouth during the coronavirus pandemic.

The list below is updated on a regular basis with huge apologies if we have missed anyone off. If we have, please click here to let us know.

If you, your business or organisation would like to help please email Louise Wilders 


Financial Donations


Food & Toiletries



  • Admiral Lord Nelson School have used their school laser cutter and 3d printer to create over 1200 protective face shields and 300 ear guards for NHS/key workers.
  • Andrew Barnett has made 300 Face Visors
  • BAE Systems have donated thousands of sets of PPE, are making ventilators (still under-testing), and have made other items like door claws for care homes
  • Pompey Scrubbers have made scrubs for keyworkers
  • Full Face Shields and their team of manufacturers including Etch Ltd, Good Directions Ltd, Live Link Aerospace Technologies Ltd and Richard Wilkins have made Face shields for all Portsmouth Area Workers'
  • Hover Travel
  • Pall Europe
  • University of Portsmouth
  • L3 Harris




Equipment & Infrastructure

  • Bookers have donated a chest freezer
  • Glory Food Store, Fawcett Road have donated a chest freezer
  • Curatrix donated 5 mobile phones with unlimited calls/texts for HIVE staff
  • Airbus donated 11 mobile phones for HIVE staff.
  • Geest Line and the Royal Navy donated refrigerated containers (transported by PCM Construction)
  • Portsmouth Football Club, use of fridge/freezers
  • Victorious Events supporting volunteer coordination, marketing and communications for the Hive
  • Rexel, Portsmouth supplied brown paper bags
  • COLAS supplied Hi-viz jackets



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