HIVE Portsmouth Privacy Notice (COVID-19)

Sharing of vulnerable persons' information for the COVID-19 extremely vulnerable persons' service

The Government is collecting information across England on people who are extremely vulnerable in relation to the COVID-19 virus who have been directed to stay at home and who need support with essential grocery supplies, medicine and social contact/basic care needs. 

The Government is sharing this information with the Council so that we can deliver the extremely vulnerable persons' service (the service) as tasked by Government in order to:

  • facilitate the health and wellbeing of people who are extremely vulnerable
  • ensure they can obtain essential supplies (groceries and medicine)
  • enable access to social contact and support with basic care needs 

The Council will be sharing necessary and relevant information with HIVE Portsmouth, Solent NHS Trust and Portsmouth Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) who are all working together to ensure a coordinated response to Portsmouth residents and to provide the service to extremely vulnerable people.

  • This may entail staff and/or volunteers from HIVE Portsmouth and staff and/or volunteers working in other voluntary sector organisations contacting people directly, by telephone where possible, to offer them services and support, including help with shopping or food deliveries, regular outbound calls/welfare checks, prescription drop-off support and other forms of assistance as agreed with the person such as dog walking.
  • HIVE Portsmouth, and any voluntary sector organisation working with HIVE Portsmouth will obtain consent from the person to proceed with any calls and to sharing their information with any other third parties. 
  • In situations where a person is believed to be at risk of harm, their information may be shared with other relevant people or organisations to safeguard them from harm or to protect their vital interests.
  • The information shared with the HIVE includes people's name, address, contact details, medical conditions and details about whether they can get essential supplies delivered

The legal basis for HIVE Portsmouth to process and share the information is provided by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Article 6 (1) (a) consent. HIVE Portsmouth is relying on GDPR Article 9(2) (a), Schedule 1 of the Data Protection Act 2018 'governmental purpose' to process and share special category (sensitive) personal information such as people's health information. 

HIVE Portsmouth as a data controller for the information shared by the Council from Government, undertakes to:

  • access and process the information only for the purpose of delivering the service
  • comply with data protection legislation at all times and not transfer information outside the UK or European Economic Area
  • only process the information for as long as is necessary to deliver the service
  • only share or allow access to the information where it is strictly necessary and with the person's consent
  • has in place suitable technical, security and organisational measures to protect the information
  • ensure that any third party with whom we share the information, including our systems suppliers, shall meet the requirements above and has in place suitable technical, security and organisational measures to protect the information.  

Any queries or concerns about how HIVE Portsmouth processes and shares the information or requests for access to personal information should be directed to