Childrens Centres

Boogie Mites

Boogie Mites Portsmouth offer educational music groups and sessions for Nurseries / preschools, parent and carers, parties and events. We also offer Intergenerational music sessions partnering nurseries/ preschools with local care homes and care homes with families.

All our sessions enhance learning, language and literacy skills and are in line with the EYFS.

07956 996779

The EC Roberts Centre (known as The Roberts Centre)

COVID-19 Update: Continue this service during COVID-19 and adapy where necessary. All referrals will be dealt with by the oncall manager for that day.

The Roberts Centre is a child focused Charity in Portsmouth, services offering support and assistance to families in addressing their situation of homelessness or issues of family relationship breakdown.

Food, (inc limited fresh food) Activity Pks for children and adults, Craft Materials, activities for children, baby food and nappies, Toiletries and cleaning items, limited cloths, limited furniture, some baby items (reliant on donations for the cloths, furniture and baby items) welfare calls.

84 Crasswell Street
United Kingdom
02392 296919


Coronavirus update – September 2020
We continue to follow Government guidance for the delivery across our range of services: Nurseries and Pre-schools – all settings are open and have currently returned to their normal operating hours.

YMCA Portsmouth focuses entirely on delivering a fantastic range of children's services from 0-16 years. Located across the city from a nursery based within the unique facilities of Whale Island the Royal Navy base to an after school club at one of Portsmouths oldest schools Portsmouth Grammar School.

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01489 785228