Comfort & Joy Christmas Campaign

Monday, November 30, 2020

Ends this Friday 18th

How can you help Portsmouth this winter?

Comfort and Joy 2020

It is hard not to be aware that Christmas will be different this year. 
The discussions in the media and elsewhere then follow this with a negative debate about what will not happen. We do believe that Christmas will be different, but are hoping it will be different in a better way.
In previous years we have organised a Christmas Voucher scheme to support the homeless and those on the margins. Theses vouchers – and the greetings cards that have accompanied them – have supported a number of charities and agencies in the area supporting a wide variety of people in difficult circumstances from families, to single young people, to those seeking asylum and those seeking refuge from domestic abuse, those sleeping rough and those in hostels and temporary accommodation and those accessing drop in meals provision. Listening to the stories of the impact of the gift and card has been moving and inspiring.
This year we are working in partnership with The News, Portsmouth Diocese and the City Council to broaden the scheme and seek to increase the impact and benefit it can bring. If we are to achieve this, we need your support. 
This week we are launching ‘Comfort and Joy’ 
We are encouraging everyone in our city as individuals and as groups to share some love in Portsmouth this Christmas. 
We hope that together we can demonstrate, throughout Portsmouth, there are people who have love, care and respect to give. We want to invite the whole community to share some comfort & joy, especially at Christmas. Whether it is an elderly neighbour, someone on their own or a family that needs some seasonal joy. 
We are asking people to think about their neighbours and community – is there someone who could benefit from a seasonal gift and a greetings card to show that people care?
So firstly, to show that recognition of another person, to share that love with those around you, we are inviting everyone to write a Christmas card (or two) to send to a neighbour or someone in your street who you feel might be alone at Christmas. Then to give the most precious gift we might have – the gift of choice – to those who do not have too many choices in their life. For some of them that might enable them to choose a box of chocolates, a new toy or even essential food shopping. We don’t want to make that decision for them – they know what will bring them Comfort & Joy this season. 
So, we are asking you if you will contribute to our ‘Comfort & Joy’ campaign this winter?      
If you would like to make donation of a gift card or voucher [we would like to distribute ‘Comfort & Joy’ vouchers bought at local shops and businesses, so that the circle of giving remains in the local community - we have a list (attached) of all the places you can buy a local gift voucher for someone - (or send a cheque (payable to St Mary’s Church) or cash then please send to St Mary’s Vicarage, Fratton Road Portsmouth PO1 5PA by Dec 18th – or hand in at St Mary’s Church any morning between 9am & Noon. Or, you can also drop off gift cards in festive post boxes within Tesco stores in Fratton, Crasswell Street and Gosport.
We will then ensure these are passed on to the charities we have worked with in the past to reach those most in need.
With best wishes
Father Bob White 
Chair HIVE Portsmouth
Click Download to see the list of local shops and businesses who are participating
List of groups and charities that we are supporting with Comfort & Joy

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