Inspirational Women's Awards

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

To mark International Womens Day the annual Pamodzi Inspirational Women Awards return

Now in its third year, the Pamodzi Creatives Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Project is a wonderful celebration of the women and girls who make a positive impact in their communities. The project includes a podcast series, story-telling projects and the Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards that mark International Women’s Day. 

Watch this year's launch film launch here  

Celebrating Women of Portsmouth...

What an incredibly unique year we have had. And more than ever, we need to celebrate all those who have inspired us this past year. Inspirational women and girls are everywhere; all around us. Please take the time to recognise someone's positive impact to their community and let's put some good news into 2021!

The event raises money for the rape counselling service PARCS.  Portsmouth Abuse and Rape Counselling (PARCS) aims to promote healthy relationships and alleviate the physical, emotional and psychological distress associated with interpersonal trauma including rape and sexual abuse/exploitation.

This year's Inspirational Women of Portsmouth online nomination process is open until Friday 5th February.  Please nominate women and girls who deserve recognition for being inspirational.  Nomination categories cover The Arts, Business, Community Activism, Community Volunteering, Community (Other), Sports, Health, Other and you can submit as many entries as you like!
Nominate on the online Nomination form or go to the Pamodzi website

Please seek permission and notify your intended nominee. If you are under 12 years of age, please notify an adult of your intention to make a nomination

A panel of Trailblazers will look at all the entries and award recipients will be announced at an online event to mark International Womens' Day on Sunday 7 March.

Learn more about inspirational women in Portsmouth on the Pamodzi Podcast
And find them on Facebook and Twitter

A short film of the most recent Inspirational Women of Portsmouth event can be found here

Please join us in supporting the Inspirational Women of Portsmouth awards 2021!

In Other News

To help in the care field. 


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