New tool to identify neuro-developmental needs

Friday, July 8, 2022

A new tool to support a child or young person showing signs of neuro-developmental needs has been launched in Portsmouth.

The Neurodiversity (ND) Profiling Tool has been piloted with 50 families in Portsmouth from March 2021 to April 2022 and has now been approved for use across the city.

The tool is the first step in identifying neurodiversity within children and young people aged 0-19. It assesses nine developmental strands of a child or young person including speech and language, energy levels, attention skills, emotion regulation, sensory levels, flexibility and adaptability, and empathy.

The ND Profiling Tool replaces the current referral process to request a ND clinical assessment. Instead, trained professionals will be required to complete the ND Profiling Tool in the first instance. This will mean no long waits for a full ND assessment (currently at 18+ months).

The Profiling Tool will offer an insight into the needs of children and young people, and the types of strategies that can be put in place to help in different areas of a life, such as at home, at their Early Years setting, school or college, and in the community.

Find out more about the launch of the ND Profiling Tool:

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