Pharmacy First

Friday, October 2, 2020

Pharmacy First - a new prescription free service for Portsmouth to provide fast help for minor conditions

Portsmouth residents who are on certain benefits, and their dependent children, can access free medication for a selection of minor ailments from their pharmacy - without needing to go to their GP for a prescription first.

This service is called Pharmacy First and can provide free help and treatment for conditions such as hay fever, dermatitis and athlete's foot as well as children’s colds, sore throats and insect bites.

Pharmacy First was previously open to more residents but from 1 October 2020, only those who receive certain benefits will be able to use the service. Pharmacists can still provide free expert advice to all residents and should be the first place you visit if you have a minor illness. You don’t need an appointment at a pharmacy, and many are open late and at the weekend.

Click here to find out more about who can use the service and what conditions it can help with.

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