THANK YOU Trustees!

Friday, November 6, 2020

Trustees play a vital role in our communities, volunteering their time and working together to keep the voluntary and community sector alive.  Read on for a really exciting trustee opportunity!

As we come to the end of Trustees Week 2020 we want to say a massive thank you to all trustees in Portsmouth who contribute their time and talent to a hundreds of groups and organisations in the City - We love you all and we really appreciate your commitment, time and expertise!

Being a trustee offers a great opportunity to provide support to an organisation that makes a difference to people, communities or the environment.  As well as sharing your skills and expertise, you can gain new insights into what goes on in a charity or community group, and you can be assured that you are directly contributing to their work and impact.

People become trustees because they want to make a difference, whatever you are passionate about, there will be an organisation that would really appreciate your support.  Especially at this time, the sector needs effective trustees to guide groups through the challenges of the pandemic and the effect on delivery of services - you could help a group survive and continue to benefit the City.

Being a trustee is not just about attending meetings but advocating promoting and supporting a worthwhile cause, you truly are making a positive impact in whatever area you choose to work in. Just Google trustee roles in Portsmouth to see how varied and vibrant the sector is.

If you are considering becoming a trustee, but not sure what you are letting yourself in for, click here for a really useful guide to becoming a trustee.   Another great trustee resource is The Essential Trustee from the Charity Commission. 

A really exciting Trustee oppportunity!

The New Theatre Royal is recruiting trustees now!  You could be part of an amazing venue in the City that needs support right now - click here to find out more

If you want to ask questions about being a trustee, get in touch with Hive for an informal chat and suggestions for groups that meet your interests - email and put TRUSTEE in the subject box.

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