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Do you have a great idea to help others, make your community a better place or improve the environment?

If you are a new or existing Social Enterprise, Voluntary or Community Group looking for advice or support from starting up to ensuring sustainability, new opportunities and networking..... 

We can help and support you to turn your idea into a reality!



Startup a Social Enterprise:

An Enterprise - gaining income from trading goods, services or knowledge
But with a Social benefit-  a clear social, community or environmental mission (the important bit!)

A social enterprise often comes about because someone has noticed or experienced a gap in support or services and has decided to do something about it. 

  • Think: Big Issue which exists to help homeless people
  • Think: Divine Chocolate which gives farmers a fair deal

The majority of social enterprises are smaller and serve their own local community


Social enterprises can make a profit (in fact, they need to if they want to keep going!). But this is not their main focus; in fact, most of their profit is re-invested or donated.

They are not just set up to make a profit, but to make a difference.

It is what they do with their profit or surplus that makes them different - they re-invest or donate a proportion of their profit and cannot sell off the business for personal gain.


If you are not yet trading or charging for your services

Set up a Constituted Community Group

If you decide you need a formal structure for your community group, particularly if you wish to raise funds, you may wish to form a constituted community group. This will enable you to apply for funding, set up a bank account, take out insurance, rent property, own equipment and employ staff.

As you grow you could consider working towards registering as a Charity!

HIVE Portsmouth can help with questions you have about developing your idea and introduce you to a thriving network of community organisations in Portsmouth!

Come into HIVE Portsmouth and talk about your idea to see which the best route is for you - and access ongoing support for every step of the way

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