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All Call Signs

COVID-19 Update:

We are still offering a full service with no reductions, our online caseworkers are still active and we have just hired four more to meet demand, we have upscaled our listener service to 700 listeners to meet the extra demand we have seen to covid, All of our online counselling has continued, we have also seen a 200% increase in demand since the begging of the pandemic.

The All Call Signs service uses technology and the power of community to improve the mental health of service men, women and veterans

0330 320 1185

ANA Treatment Centre

ANA TREATMENT CENTRES remains open as usual. Highly skilled and dedicated staff are available to answer any questions you have and we are accepting applications for treatment and we will ensure new clients are admitted as soon as possible, safely. Please click here for more details.

Abstinence-based treatment for alcohol or drug addiction

United Kingdom
02392 373433

ARC Project

A refreshing, new approach to rehabilitation was desperately needed so in 2006 we launched ARC – A new kind of UK rehab for alcohol and drugs.

United Kingdom
02392 378726

Aurora New Dawn

Aurora New Dawn offers safety, support, advocacy and empowerment to survivors of domestic abuse, stalking and sexual violence.

02392 479254

BH Live Mountbatten Centre

COVID-19 Update:
Due to COVID-19 many of our activities have been placed on HOLD. To check the availability of a particular activity please contact the appropriate centre on the telephone numbers listed below:
023 9320 0401 - Mountbatten Centre
023 9320 0402 - Portsmouth Gymnastics and Tennis Centre
023 9320 0403 - Charter
023 9320 0404 - Wimbledon Park
023 9320 0405 - Eastney
023 9320 0330 - Pyramids

The Mountbatten Leisure Centre is a sports facility in the city, equipped with facilities, this includes swimmiing pool, cycle and athletics track , gym, exercise classes

Alex Way
United Kingdom
02393 200401

Breast Cancer Haven Wessex

Breast Cancer Haven, Wessex

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 our centres are temporarily closed. But our support is still available virtually and over the phone. Please call us on 0300 012 0112 to speak to someone.

Many of our classes and support groups are being delivered live online. You can book to attend any of these here.

Breast Cancer Haven, Wessex is based in Titchfield and offers personalised assessments, counselling and therapies to help with the emotional and physical side-effects from breast cancer.

United Kingdom
Po14 4RT
01329 559290

CAMHS(Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services)

COVID-19 Update: Open as usual adhering to the latest government COVID-19 Advice

Please click this link for up to date COVID-19 Information:

CAMHS is a mental Health service for 5-18 year old young people suffering with acute, chronic and severe mental health problems.

Locksway Road
United Kingdom
0300 123 6632

Community Connectors

Community Connectors provide short term support (usually about 6-8 weeks) to help individuals take the first steps towards getting out and about in their community.

Civic Offices
Guildhall Square
United Kingdom
02392 841762

Community Independence Service


The Community Independence Service (CIS) is operating as business as usual. CIS were deemed an essential service at the start of the pandemic at have been operating in line with government advice and guidance throughout the pandemic.

Occupational therapy for reablement and rehabilitation.

Guildhall Square
United Kingdom
02392 680810


COVID-19 Update: Closed during Lockdown

Cookhouse's vision is to teach people how to cook healthy sustainable meals, to build self-confidence, provide well being support, eat delicious food and meet people.

07733 813554